Mr Sylvester Yiadom Agyei-Boachie, an Environmental Science PhD candidate, delves deep into climate discussions, representing ARUA CD at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Summit’s resounding call

The recently held Africa Climate Summit and Week in Nairobi reverberated with calls for global support against climate change impacts in Africa. Despite contributing minimally to global emissions, Africa disproportionately bears the brunt of its effects, from food insecurity and displacement to infrastructure destruction.

During the summit leaders from Africa, the European Union, the United Nations, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States highlighted Africa’s climate challenges. The primary demand is for developed nations to honour their $100 billion annual climate finance promise. Beyond this, there was a clarion call for reconsidering global financial architecture, emphasising Africa’s needs, and doubling climate adaptation funding.

Dynamic participation 

Agyei-Boachie not only witnessed these compelling events but actively participated in a multitude of sessions. At a panel organised by ARUA-CD, Sylvester Agyei-Boachie joined experts to unravel the intertwined challenges of climate change, policy, and social inequality. Together, they underscored the urgency to address climate impacts without escalating existing inequalities.

“Hearing diverse perspectives on how climate change exacerbates existing societal inequalities reaffirmed my commitment to working towards a more sustainable and inclusive future”, says Sylvester Yiadom Agyei-Boachie, ARUA-CD student. ”The overarching sentiment was a combination of urgency, hope, and the need for a collaborative effort. Listening to the leaders, it was evident that Africa is on the frontlines of the climate crisis despite its minimal contribution to global emissions.”

The Nairobi declaration

The summit culminated with the unveiling of the “Nairobi Declaration“. This landmark document sets the continent’s stance on climate finance green growth and moots the idea of a global carbon tax system, signaling a hope-filled future for climate action.

From left Sylveter Yiadom Agyei-Boachie and Portia Adade Williams after participating in a side event


By: Sylvester Yiadom Agyei-Boachie and Michelle Shields