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Lecturer workshop series on climate change curricula in Africa

ARUA-CD will be hosting a series of workshops to support lecturers with reviewing their curricula and keeping it up to date in terms of content and teaching approaches. These workshops are intended to support lecturers to learn from one another’s experiences of teaching climate change and provide tools to review climate change curricula. Lecturers in […]

ARUA 2021 Biennial International Conference

Global Public Health Challenges: Facing Them in Africa 18-20 November 2021 The ARUA 2021 Biennial Conference will bring together experts from universities, research institutions, government, industry, civil society, international organizations, etc., to discuss the different steps that African economies need to take in order to face global public health challenges squarely. In reflecting on the […]

Are Climate Information Services improving resilient agricultural productivity among smallholders?

By Portia Adade Williams, CSIR-STEPRI, Ghana, 20/20 Adaptation Professional’s Programme Fellow, Accra-Ghana Application and acceptance into the 20/20 Adaptation Professionals Programme My acceptance into the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) and ARUA Centre of Excellence in Climate and Development (ARUA-CD) 20/20 Adaptation Professional’s Programme was greeted with much excitement but surprise. This arose because I […]

Natural Infrastructure Enhancement for Climate Change Adaptation Interventions in Kenya’s Tana River Delta Water Sector

Cornelius Okello, PhD. is a Research Scientist from Kenya passionate about environmental issues, specifically climate change and freshwater resources. He is currently the Chairman and Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Machakos University. He has a doctorate graduate from University of Cadiz (Spain) and University of Bologna (Italy) in Marine and Coastal Management where […]

Putting local people at the centre of adaptation

by Lucia Scodanibbio, 20/20 Professional at the Global Centre for Adaptation When cyclone Amphan hit southern Bangladesh, exacerbating the impacts felt by the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Bamia Village Savings and Lending Association had to act and find a way for the women’s group to resume its activities, which had been forced to stop […]

Transforming Social Inequalities Through Inclusive Climate Action

Multi-dimensional poverty and inequality continue to persist in Africa’s societies. The majority of African livelihoods rely on income from agricultural activities, which makes them vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. At the same time, the population on the continent is fast growing, which translates into rapid expansion of urban areas and associated infrastructural needs. […]

Congratulations to PhD students at the IESS!

Three students from the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies at the University of Ghana recently defended their PhD research. See their abstracts below: ALCADE CHRISTEL SEGNON ORCiD Thesis Title: Exploring agrobiodiversity-based climate change adaptation in semi-arid areas of West Africa:  a case study in Mali. ABSTRACT Semiarid regions of West Africa are hotspots of […]

Capacity building workshop: presenting and facilitating online

In September 2020 the ARUA-CD hosted two workshops aimed at increasing the capacity of those in our network to present and facilitate online. The workshop was delivered by Science Communication expert, Dr Tali Hoffman, and attended by colleagues within the ARUA-CD network and beyond. Course content can be found online here: Online skills – giving […]

Course: Communicating Science for Impact – 2021

Communicating your science to the right people, at the right times, and in the right ways, ensures that research has value and impact beyond academia, and that it supports positive change in policy, practice and behaviour. With a focus on humanising science, and the people who do it, this online course invites researchers to explore […]