With the objective of fostering climate actions that highlights comprehensive and inclusive pan-African climate research, ARUA-CD endeavors to organize a series of academic conferences involving prominent experts, researchers, and thought leaders. These gatherings seek to explore the complex interconnections among climate change, sustainable livelihoods, multidimensional poverty, and inequality.

This transdisciplinary forum aims to advance the understanding of pathways of change in social responses to climate change. Societies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are not only highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change but also among the most multi-dimensionally unequal. Social responses to climate change are as diverse as the two regions themselves. Yet they share elements of innovation that can provide a better understanding of transformative change in climate resilient development pathways.

The forum invites abstracts, session and poster submissions from researchers and practitioners at all career stages to understand pathways of change in Southern Africa and Latin America. The concept of pathways will guide the two days of engagement between diverse participants from academia, and public and private sectors with a strong focus on the building blocks of innovation, transformation, and positive change. The meeting format caters for in-person exchanges with partial online streaming at the conference facilities at Cape Town’s Graduate Business School in South Africa.

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